Below I provide list of random projects which I worked on.

Solve System 3

  • Online judge for algorithmic tasks
  • More than 300 tasks added
  • Work distributed over four computers (one is server, other three are judge machines)
  • Most of the code written in PHP, database as MySQL
  • Frontend using Twitter Bootstrap
  • Engine for judging the solutions and work distribution written in Python
  • Polish only
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Hard Pacman

  • Implementation of old Namco's Pacman game
  • C++ code with SFML library
  • Level editor included
  • Computer player mode (you can write your AI of Pacman player)
  • Good AI of monsters (game is really hard)
  • Written together with my wife
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Walk cycle

  • My first 3D project in C++
  • Usage of modern OpenGL 2.1 (with vertex/fragment shader)
  • Three different views, possibility of moving and rotating person
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Lazy spreadsheet

  • Simple declarative language parser
  • Asks only for values which are necessary for computation
  • Implemented in Java using object oriented programming principles
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DATA weight
DATA height
VARIABLE bmi IS weight / (height * height)

Wumpus world player

  • Player written in Prolog for Artificial Intelligence course
  • Agent tries to get gold and go back to exit
  • Needs Jovolog environment to run
Player Jovolog environment


  • Simple implementation of standard traceroute tool in C++
  • No external libraries used
  • Needs root privileges!
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